Power Tune Up 1:1

You'll walk away with a customized action plan to help you transform hidden habits into allies.

Uncover your root dynamics and patterns that are secretly sabotaging your goals - and discover what you can do about it.

In just one month, you will:

  • Clarify and refine your goals

  • Learn to see hidden habits that are in the way between you and your goals

  • Speed up your timeline to the results you need

Your Tune Up package includes:

  • Initial assessment tool and intake questions

  • Three 1.5-hour sessions within 4-5 weeks

  • Final report delivered 1-2 weeks after final session

  • Access to your customized online Tune Up package for two months after final session

You'll leave with:

  • Tools you can use to cultivate more of the skills you need

  • Moves you can make to quiet what gets in the way

  • Perspectives that help you rethink the issues to unexpected choices

  • A final report that puts you in charge of your change

Image by Frank Vessia

This is for you if you are a:

Leader who needs fast results

Coach who would like to bring a whole person option to your clients

Consultant who works with innovative clients
Changemaker who is looking to effectively "disrupt" business as usual

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