Growing Team Effectiveness

For positive changes that stick, move your team through our customized process to: reveal what is underneath the presenting challenges, rethink core issues, work with the natural resistance to change, and find key leverage points. 

Your Team Readiness Factor

Board Meetings

Strategic Planning

Change Initiatives

Innovation Initiatives

How ready are you?


When you are about to invest a lot of resources and precious time, are you sure your team is at its best? What unexpected (and anticipated) challenges are  ready to sabotage the efforts? 

Before you make the meeting happen, tune up the team and be prepared to bring your best. Highly customized, a Power Tune Up for your team is a rapid assessment process  and action plan report with long lasting impact. 

Get ahead of the stumbling blocks, clean up the unnecessary tensions, and clear the way for getting the results you need faster. 

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